Charter Schools Address Education Concerns

Charters in Connecticut, N.Y., and Massachusetts Provide Answers To Education Concerns

Over the decades, there have been many times when parents have been so unhappy about the education their children are getting in schools that they have propelled to make changes. Their displeasure has led to the growth of charter schools across the country, including Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.

And for many parents in New York City, Connecticut and Massachusetts schools, charter schools have been the answer to their education concerns.

Almost everyone concerned with the state of education in New York City Connecticut and Massachusetts schools can open a charter school. Parents, teachers, principals (whether they are from public or private schools), community leaders, philanthropists and nonprofit organizations are examples of the types of people who open charter schools in response to what they see as a lack in quality public education for their children.

What Are Charter Schools?

Almost everyone has heard about charter schools, but many have still remained unclear or confused as to what they are and how they work.

These schools are created by a contract, or “charter” and are required to follow the same educational standards as more traditional public schools. Charter schools, however, operate with a greater autonomy than regular schools within the system. The goal of the charter school is to offer new resources, personnel, and ideas to education, as well as to give parents of public schools a choice.

Charter schools are under the umbrella of the school districts and are held accountable for meeting specific student performance goals. If charter schools fail to meet these requirements, their charter can be revoked or not renewed. In return for these higher standards, these schools are exempt from the regulations such as curriculum development, staffing, and budget. In some charter schools, education excellence is achieved through private school staffing.

Allowing charter schools as one of the options for families with children attending Connecticut, New York City, and Massachusetts schools is a good idea. Charter schools have educational goals that are innovative and desirable:

  • Charter schools within the school districts are responsible for increasing the learning opportunities and achievement of all students, most especially high-risk students – ones in danger of dropping out or who have a low reading ability, for example.
  • These special schools also encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods. Within the confines of the traditional public school classroom, teachers have fewer options with how they go about their jobs. Simple issues such as class size or available resources can considerably tie their hands.
  • Charter schools provide a greater amount of choice for parents and students of public schools.
  • Also, charter schools can provide motivated educators with the means to pursue their beliefs and ideas.

Connecticut, New York City, and Massachusetts schools work to offer students the best possible education, and the choice of attending a charter school is one option. Charter schools can offer parents a wider variety of opportunities for their children.