We Are Alive When We Read

Don’t Stop Reading

About a year, searching for my calling, my purpose, I discovered Tai Lopez.

Who is Lopez? He is an entrepreneur, investor, and he reads a book a day and shares a summary with his followers. Suffice it to say, as  an avid reader, he put me to shame. So I joined his group of followers and readers. And now I depend on him to read some of my books for me. I’m no dummy, there are only 24 hours in a day and I am building a business.

I’m no dummy, there are only 24 hours in a day and I am building a Search Engine Optimization business, which comes with a ton of materials to read and listen to.

What follows is one of his book summaries from Riveted, an insightful book written by Jim Davies and how we can use that knowledge. This is what Tai Lopez got from the book:

Jim Davies says you have to understand 6 things about the human brain to win friends and influence people:

1. We are interested in stories about humans…

2. We pay particular attention to things we hope or fear are true…

3. We delight in finding patterns…

4. We are attracted to incongruity, apparent contradictions, novelty, and puzzles…

5. The nature of our bodies—the nature of our eyes and other sense organs, affects what kinds of things draw us…

6. We have certain psychological traits, many of which are evolved, that make us like and dislike, believe and disbelieve…So when you speak, write, and interact with other people, make sure you utilize all 6 of these to compel, fascinate, and persuade everyone you meet.

I read to gain knowledge. Without knowledge, you have very little of value to offer others.  I am using reading as my vehicle to get to my destination.

What I want to achieve is financial freedom, which will allow me to make a substantial difference in the lives of many…family, friends, even strangers. I want to work from home and have the freedom to set my own agendas and not have to worry about meeting someone else’s deadline.

Reading the vehicle that fuels your brain with the knowledge that you need to succeed. So if we can’t read, we are losing out on finding the knowledge that will unlock the door to the person we could be.


Who are you hanging out with? Do they read?